8 Top Website Builders to Check Out

ThriveThemes brands itself as an all-in-one package that has everything in it from a sales funnel builder to an email list building plugin. It runs on WordPress and it caters to content-heavy, affiliate websites (like this one).

But can ThriveThemes turn your site into a full-blown online business as it claims to?

Let's see.


  • Free lifetime updates
  • Access to premium courses (Thrive University)
  • Consistent updates, new features added regularly
  • Responsive support
  • Built-in site optimization options
  • The products integrate well with each other
  • Simple, beginner-friendly interface
  • Works with most WordPress themes
  • A wide array of products and features
  • Great value for what you pay


  • Doesn't support payment gateways
  • You'll need extra plugins for checkout pages and shopping carts
  • Not the best in terms of e-commerce features


The area where ThriveThemes beats most of its competitors is the pricing. For $19 a month (if you prepay annually), you'll get a dozen feature-rich products: everything from a webpage builder to an email capturing plugin.  If you're looking for an all-in-one solution that runs on WordPress, ThriveThemes is your best bet.

Products & Their Features

Thrive Theme Builder

ThriveThemes Theme Builder

Thrive Theme Builder is as its name suggests, a WordPress theme builder. It replaced the old, legacy themes ThriveThemes used to offer.

It enables you to create:

  • homepage templates 
  • blog page & blog post layouts 
  • headers
  • footers
  • search result pages
  • 404 error pages 
  • sidebars
  • page layouts in general

The article you're reading right now uses the blog post template I created with the Theme Builder. - and the best part is it took me only an hour to design it.

It's important to note that the Theme Builder only works with a companion theme, ie. a WordPress theme developed by ThriveThemes. There are three themes you can choose from: Shapeshift (the one I'm using), Omni, and the newly arrived Kwik.

This may seem like a disadvantage if you want to build a website on your own, completely from scratch, but the truth is Thrive Theme Builder gives you a lot of flexibility and with ThriveArchitect you can start designing from a blank canvas. 

Sidenote: the legacy themes & are still available, but they aren't updated anymore and ThriveThemes recommends using the new Theme Builder. 

Thrive Architect


ThriveArchitect is a simple-to-use, drag-and-drop webpage builder and content editor plugin.

It comes with more than 250+ blocks, 100+ pre-designed page layouts, and tens of useful widgets.

ThriveArchitect looks and works just like Elementor, which means it's extremely beginner-friendly - you don't have to be a web designer to make the most out of the plugin.

And, even though ThriveArchitect is a heavy plugin that adds quite a bit of extra code to WordPress, I found the designing process smooth and I didn't notice any optimization issued either.

Thrive Leads


ThriveLeads is a versatile, email list building and lead generation plugin. 

ThriveLeads lets you create:

  • standard opt-in forms 
  • popups 
  • scroll-in offers
  • HelloBar-like ribbon forms that are displayed on the top of your site

You can set up specific trigger conditions, decide which device will your forms be displayed on, and there are over 30+ external tools you can connect.

A/B split testing to optimize your conversions is also possible. Not only that, ThriveThemes will give you custom reports and insights to improve your lead generation strategy. 

Thrive Quiz Builder


Displaying quizzes, surveys, and questionnaires on your website is another way to generate leads and keep your audience engaged.

Many marketers pay tens of dollars a month for a dedicated quiz builder tool. Luckily, you can avoid that, because there is a dedicated quiz builder plugin in the Thrive package.

Thrive Quiz Builder lets you create just about any quiz you can think of.

There are 3 quiz categories you can choose from: list building, social shares, customer insights (more info about your audience) or you can just build one yourself from scratch.

The process of designing isn't that hard as there are tens of pre-built templates you can choose from.

Overall, the Quiz Builder is an amazing tool with plenty of powerful features, and deploying it on your site can get you a long way.

Thrive Apprentice


Online courses: a great way to transfer your existing knowledge and teach your audience something new. It's also got a lot of income potential. There are thousands of creators earning six, seven (or even more) figures a year just off of selling courses.

Reading that, you probably thinking about launching your own course and capitalizing on the opportunity online learning provides.

You can do that with ThriveApprenctice. It is an online course building and hosting plugin that's meant to replace platforms like Teachable or Thinkific. 

When it comes to features, we are talking:

  • Designing your lesson pages
  • Custom modules and chapters 
  • Full progress tracking and student monitoring 
  • Integration with membership and checkout cart tools

Just like all the other Thrive products, it's not overcomplicated at all, meaning you can rely on ThriveApprentice even if you never created an online course before.

There is one issue, though. ThriveApprentice does not have a shopping cart and checkout feature - and that's true for ThriveThemes in general. 

What that means is you have to connect a third-party tool such as like Sendowl or Samcart to have that functionality. 

Thrive Ultimatum


Have you seen those limited-time offers and one-time special discounts when shopping around?

They are extremely effective because these campaigns create a sense of urgency, which is a great way to increase conversions.

You can create those scarcity campaigns with ThriveUltimatum. Countdowns, expiring links, content lock, and everything else you need to boost your sales.

The Rest

Thrive Ovation

Thrive Ovation is a social proof plugin that allows you to collect and display testimonials on your website. It can convert comments into testimonials as well and you can set up Thrive Ovation to work on autopilot.

Thrive Comments

A commenting plugin that comes with a bunch of useful features like upvoting, downvoting, badges, and much more

Thrive Automator

A powerful plugin that connects ThriveThemes to external tools (e.g. ConvertKit) and created trigger-based, smart automations.

Thrive Optimize

A plugin that enables you to A/B test and analyzes the pages on your website. 

The Pricing

TT Pricing

ThriveThemes has a pretty straightforward pricing structure. There are two options: quarterly and yearly membership. The former costs $90 (paid quarterly), the latter costs $228 (paid annually). There isn't too much difference between the two, it all comes down to what do you prefer.

You'll get unlimited support and updates regardless of which plan you choose and you can use ThriveThemes on up to 25 websites.

As for the competitors, they all charge more (significantly more) than ThriveThemes does. Here are the exact numbers:





$97/mo (lowest plan)

$99/mo (lowest plan)

$47/mo (lowest plan)

$90/mo (lowest plan)

If you want to just test out the platform, I recommend the quarterly plan, and if you want to use ThriveThemes for a longer period, opting for the yearly plan will be a wiser choice - your monthly expense will be $19, which is pretty decent for the value you get.

Sidenote: if you run an agency or build websites for clients, there is a specific license available for that as well. 

Customer Support

Thrive Themes Help Center

If you have any issues and you'd like to contact the support team, you can do by submitting a ticket inside the Member Dashboard.

First, you'll get asked some questions, you'll get some recommendations and if your issue persists, you can send a message to one of the support agents.

Typically, they respond to requests in 1-2 business days, sometimes even in a few hours.

ThriveThemes also has a YouTube channel and a pretty extensive knowledge base filled with helpful how-to articles. You can check out that as well before you contact the support team.

Additionally, you get access to Thrive University, a selection of in-depth courses that will teach you the ins and outs of the platform. 

Main Alternatives


Elementor is a popular (5 000 000+ downloads) WordPress plugin that allows you to design webpages and stunning visual layouts using a drag-and-drop editor. It also comes with a pop-up and landing page builder feature and you can integrate countless third-party apps with Elementor as well.

The biggest difference between the two is that Elementor is a singular plugin, and ThriveThemes is a suite of marketing-focused plugins.

If you just want to do design some good-looking and visually-appealing pages for your WordPress website for free, Elementor wins.


Divi, similar to ThriveThemes runs on WordPress. It is developed by Elegant Themes, and the package includes multiple different plugins such as:

  • Divi, the webpage builder
  • Bloom, a lead generation plugin
  • Monarch, a social sharing plugin

Elegant Themes products are very much centered around design and UI - that's their biggest selling point.  And that would I say as well: if design is #1 for you and that's what you care about the most, you'll be better off with the Elegant Themes membership.

It's significantly cheaper, $89 a year, but you won't get A/B testing, scarcity marketing, course hosting, or quiz building plugins either. 


ClickFunnels is a well-known and widely-used sales funnel builder platform that has an arsenal of marketing and conversion tools.  It has a built-in email autoresponder, payment processor integration, one-click upsell, and pretty much every other feature that allows you to maximize your product sales.

However, it's not budget-friendly at all. Their lowest plan, which excludes a lot of features, costs $97 a month. And of course, ClickFunnels is a cloud-based platform, which means you have to give some up control and you won't be fully "in charge" of your site.

If you are not too tech-savvy, but you want to make a living selling products online, and you don't plan on creating a lot of content (Clickfunnels isn't for affiliate sites or blogs), opt for ClickFunnels - it's going to hurt your wallet quite a bit, but you won't regret it.


I am a ThriveThemes user myself. I'm subscribed to the quarterly membership and DigitalDeficit.com runs on the Thrive framework.

Before setting up this site, I checked out pretty much every website & sales funnel builder platform out there.

I seriously considered ClickFunnels due to its robust sales-oriented features and the testimonials almost convinced me to get on one of their plans, but ultimately I settled for ThriveThemes.

I wanted something that's WordPress-based and is designed for affiliate marketing.

And that's the takeaway: if you are planning to build your business around your content and you want to affiliate marketing to be the primary source of your revenue, ThriveThemes is the platform for you.

It's easy to figure out, it has a wide variety of products and it makes WordPress hassle-free.

You may have to hook ThriveThemes up with a shopping cart & checkout page plugin, but for $19 a month, you get bang for your buck.


What's included in ThriveSuite?

The ThriveSuite membership gives you access to The Thrive Theme Builder, Thrive, Architect, Thrive Quiz Builder, Thrive Leads, Thrive Ovation, Thrive Comments, ThriveAutomator, Thrive Ultimation, Thrive Optimize, Thrive, Apprentice, Thrive Automator, and all the Thrive University courses.

Does ThriveThemes Replace WordPress?

No, it doesn't. ThriveThemes is a WordPress-based product, and it only works with WordPress websites.

Is ThriveThemes Good for Me If I Have An Ecommerce Store?

ThriveThemes does have some decent eCommerce features, but if your focus is on eCommerce and selling products in general, you may want to consider choosing something else. WooCommerce, ClickFunnels, and Shopify are the best alternatives. 

Is ThriveThemes Good for Me if I Have A Blog/Affiliate Site?

Yes, it is. ThriveThemes was designed for blogs and affiliate websites.

Does ThriveThemes Offer Any Discounts?

Unfortunately, there is never any discount on the ThriveSuite plans (not even in the holiday seasons or on black Friday). 

What's Their Refund Policy?

If you are unsatisfied with ThriveSuite and what it has to offer, you can get a full refund within 30 days after your purchase.


Founder and the Fountainhead of DigitalDeficit.com. Affiliate marketer, social media strategist. Dedicated to teaching people how to take advantage of the power of affiliate marketing and make a living on the web.

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