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If you are an affiliate marketer or a content creator in general, you know how helpful social media can be. Chances are, you are already promoting your brand and products on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

But what about Pinterest?

Pinterest has a user base of more than 470 million per month, there are over 200 billion pins saved, and two-thirds of those are product-related. 

According to the 2019 Pinterest Business Insights, 77% of Pinterest users (Pinners) discovered a new brand or product on the platform.

Now it’s clear that Pinterest has enormous marketing potential. But not everyone has the time to spend several hours a day pinning and designing pins.

Luckily, there a quite a few tools out there that save you with automating some parts of the Pinterest marketing process.

Here are 9 of them.


Tailwind is a renowned social media scheduler made specifically for Instagram and Pinterest. It is a certified Pinterest Marketing Partner and it’s officially recommended by Facebook.

Tailwind lets you design eye-catching pins with the built-in editor and schedule them in advance.

It lists relevant hashtags and tells you when your audience is the most active, allowing you to optimize your Pinterest engagement.

One of the best features of Tailwind is Tailwind Communities. These are niche-specific groups that allow you to share your pins and build relationships faster with other creators. There are 20 000+ Tailwind Communities out there, so finding one that’s right for you won’t be an issue.

Cost: Free plan available (cheapest plan $9.99 a month)


  • Offers a free plan
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Tailwind Communities
  • You can schedule Pins from the mobile app
  • You can design a bio link page using Tailwind's SmartBio feature
  • Built-in IG hashtag analyzer
  • Best time to post feature (SmartSchedule)


  • You can't auto-post Instagram carousels
  • Only focuses on Pinterest and Instagram
  • You have to pay more if you want access to all features
  • Nothing special when it comes to analytics

what people say:

"I use Tailwind to automatically post images to Pinterest. My marketing department generates more leads from Pinterest than any other social media channel. In addition to this, my website gets 10X more traffic from Pinterest. Since Pinterest is my #1 social media network, Tailwind plays a critical role in my marketing strategy." -TrustRadius

"Tailwind is used to schedule pins to Pinterest. I'm a team of one so I use it to drive traffic to my website, mainly to get them to my profile and eventually my blog." -TrustRadius


Chances are, you’ve heard of Canva before.

It is an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop graphic design platform that lets you create visually appealing illustrations and graphics including Pinterest Pins.

You don’t even have to start from a blank page, since Canva offers hundreds of free templates to choose from.

With Canva, you can create high-performing Pins with ease no matter how much experience you have.

Cost: Free plan available (Canva Pro $12.99 a month)


  • Most of the features can be accessed on the free plan
  • Offers mobile & desktop app
  • Huge template library 
  • Beginner-friendly drag-and-drop editor
  • Built-in social media scheduling capability
  • Team & collaboration features


  • Canva is known to have slow & unfriendly customer service
  • Not suited for professional designers
  • You can't work offline (not even if you use the app)
  • The platform can glitch if you work on larger, multi-page projects

what people say:

"I use Canva every day to create content for social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I also use it for email blasts, marketing flyers, email banners, and more. It is a fantastic and versatile tool that has aided in many creatively-driven projects. We primarily use it strictly within the sales and executive offices for various projects. It addresses the biggest problem of not having a marketing design team at our fingertips since we are a franchised brand." -TrustRadius

"Beautiful marketing made simple! We have created social media posts, invitations, newsletters and other mass media creations! Canva comes with limitless built-in templates and media options. Canva helps make our external marketing cohesive and professional. We've solidified our brand and expanded our outreach with the help of this software. We love it!" -TrustRadius


Viralwoot is a Pinterest scheduler and growth combined into one.

It auto-posts your pins at the right time to increase your reach, and the Viralwoot free chrome extension enables you to schedule pins in an instant.

What’s interesting about this tool is its Pinterest Promotion feature. It works similarly to Instagram growth tools: it boosts and optimizes the performance of your Pins organically. If you choose the Business plan, you get priority promotion which will help you scale the size of your Pinterest account even faster.

Aside from that, Viralwoot provides in-depth analytics and comes with influencer campaign management features.

Cost: $10 a month


  • Budget-friendly compared to other tools
  • Offers Chrome extension and iOS App
  • Influencer marketing features


  • Basic analytics features
  • Many users reported customer service issues

what people say:

"ViralWoot is developed to make it easy for brands or business for scheduling their posts and managing social media accounts without much hassle. What I find the best in their software is they provide Growth Bots that help you grow your followers or fan following in massive scale if you use it correctly.Their dashboard and analytics are also so good to give you a very good idea of how your campaigns are benefiting and giving results." -G2

"I liked the scheduling pins the most. These make it so I don't have to sit on a computer all day. It is also relatively easy to use...at first. The most I used it, the more complicated it got. But, I liked the fact that promoting myself on social media using promotional credits got me to acquire some great followers as well." -G2

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics is Pinterest’s own inbuilt analytics tool.

It is accessible who has a business account (which you can create for free) and claimed their website.

The analytics itself is pretty detailed and in-depth - it beats most of the social media scheduler tools, for sure. 

It shows you the:

  • Top-performing boards
  • Top-performing pins
  • Performance over time
  • Overall engagement, impressions
  • Total audience, engaged audience
  • Number of repins, saves, and likes

It also gives you a detailed picture of your audience and insights on your conversions.

Cost: Free 


PinGroupie is a free, web-based tool that makes finding Pinterest group boards a piece of cake.

It lets you filter group boards based on keywords, language, and collaborator growth.

Additionally, you can use PinGroupie to look for high-performing keywords, pins, and the most popular influencers on Pinterest - without paying anything.

Cost: Free


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what people say:

"PinGroupie is a tried and tested method that is quite popular among many bloggers and it’s often recommended as the one-stop-shop for finding many new group boards."  -Individualobligation.com


IFTTT is a smart tool that connects apps & external tools, allowing you to create time-saving If This Then That automations (applets).

You can use IFTTT for Pinterest in the following ways:

  • Auto-post pins to Twitter
  • Pin WordPress posts to Pinterest boards
  • Auto-post Instagram singles to Pinterest

IFTTT has a free version that lets you create 5 basic automations (applets). IFTTT Pro+ ($10 a month) enables you to create unlimited applets and gives you access to multi-action applets, developer tools, and more.

Cost: Free plan available (cheapest plan $5 a month)


  • Beginner-friendly, simple-to-use UI
  • Pre-made automation templates
  • Filled with a lot of smart, time-saving automations
  • Offers dedicated developer tools


  • The free plan is severely limited (only 5 automations and no customer support)
  • You have to get the most expensive plan to connect multiple account
  • The iOS app can bug and glitch

what people say:

"IFTTT allows non-technical users to connect some APIs and actions to help automate small parts of processes and procedures. By defining systems in IFTTT, repeatability and consistency are increased, which can significantly improve performance and reliability. The tool is primarily used by non-technical users to give them a low/no-code environment." -TrustRadius

"It allows for automation of fairly simple and straightforward tasks while remaining a maintainable and fluent user experience for orchestrating workflows across SaaS products. The fact that the supported products keeps growing ensures we leverage it more as our needs change." -TrustRadius

Twinword Ideas

Twinword Ideas is an AI-assisted keyword research and content marketing tool that will help you improve your Pinterest SEO.

According to its developers, Twinword Ideas pulls the data directly from Google’s database, so the keyword info you get will always be accurate.

It only lists keywords relevant to your query, and you can sort keywords by search volume, organic competition, CPC, and even search intent, which is a feature I haven’t seen other keyword research tools offer.

Twinword Ideas’ free version gives you five free queries a day. Paid plans start from $12 a month.

Cost: Free version available (cheapest plan $12 a month)


  • Minimalistic, intuitive UI
  • Automatic, AI-assisted keyword grouping
  • Pulls data directly from Google’s database
  • You can search keywords by user intent
  • Reasonable pricing compared to competitors


  • Only 2 free searches a day

what people say:

"This blogging tool for keyword research is so simple and rich with brilliant high volume keywords and long-tail keyphrases that I shared it with all my students and clients. This is one of the best blogging tools I can give credit to for my increased traffic." -Sunitabiddu.com


Pinterest marketing can be tough and time-consuming.

Creating content for the platform can eat up all of your schedules and there’s no guarantee your pins will get noticed or that anyone will buy from you.

However, Pinterest is still a great platform for affiliate marketers with enormous opportunities and if you use the some of tools I’ve talked about in this post, you will save yourself quite some time and your brand will grow much faster.

Is there any tool on the list you’re already using? Which ones do you want to try? Let me know in the comments.


Can I Promote Affiliate Links On Pinterest?

Pinterest allows the use of affiliate links without too many restrictions. However, if you keep posting 15 affiliate pins a day, your activity will be deemed as spam and your account will be suspended. Disclosing that you utilize affiliate links is also a good idea.

How Often Should I Post On Pinterest?

Some social media strategists say 10-15 pins a day is recommended, but that can be overwhelming, to say the least. If you are starting from zero and you can want to grow your following steadily, aim for 2-5 pins a day.  And remember: consistency is key.

Does SEO Matter At All in Pinterest?

Yes, it absolutely does. SEO is a major factor on every major social platform, not just Pinterest. That’s why you need to make sure that you include the right keywords in your profile, username, and your pins’ description.

How Can I Automate Pinterest?

Use a tool like Tailwind or SocialPilot that allows you to schedule and auto-post Pinterest Pins.


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